About New Age Physics: an impending sense of crisis

 A universe of indivisible energy: New Age Physics proposes a much-needed reinterpretation of reality and, therefore, hopes to contribute towards the formation of a ‘theory of everything’. 

‘Europe After the Storm’ – an original painting by Gregor Veit: http://www.kunstkonflikt.de

Disclaimer: New Age Physics proposes a much-needed reinterpretation of reality and, therefore, hopes to contribute towards the formation of a ‘theory of everything’. The intention is to provide concepts which could be explored at research level. However, it is definitely not meant to be used in any formal academic study of physics at lower levels. If you are a student aiming to pass a qualification either at school or at university, then you will need to confine your responses to the traditional textbook accounts of the universe.

However, if you are an academic working at research level who would like to participate in this project by helping to develop or improve the theorems on this site, then please do make contact.

I would much prefer this to be a collaborative endeavour than a solo pursuit!

I am an author and university college lecturer who feels impassioned to speculate about the nature of reality through the use of thought experiments, i.e. a combination of logic and imagination.

I find it very difficult to accept some of the more lurid concepts in modern physics, e.g. the dysfunctional particle zoo at the heart of the Standard Model of the atom. Similarly, I remain unimpressed by the current definitions of dark energy and dark matter, neither of which have been identified. Furthermore, I also believe that notions of a ‘strong’ and ‘weak’ nuclear force are entirely misleading. Personally, I consider all of the above elusive particles and mysterious forces to be more aligned to science fiction than science fact.

Therefore, I have created this website in order to offer a more rational, simplified and connected vision of our universe. All of the theories herein are intended to be logically consistent, and all questions about the nature of the universe are considered – apart from the biggest question of all: why does anything exist in the first place?

My ambition is to dare to propose radical new theories about the nature of reality which might ultimately result in the kind of advanced technologies which could end our dependence on fossil fuels and so prevent the looming climate catastrophe.

Philosophically, I am an agnostic, but I can clearly see the biblical ‘End Times’ on the horizon. Firstly, the ice sheets liquefy and disperse an unstoppable torrent across the planet. This rapid redistribution of meltwater will be devastating, as was the Great Flood in Genesis i.e. the first apocalypse.   Once this climate change deluge has subsided,  there will inevitably be a desperate scrabble for diminished dry land and dwindling resources. World Order will disintegrate, and a truly global World War at both microscopic and macroscopic levels will consume those ‘lucky’ enough to survive, thus fulfilling the second apocalypse forecast in The Book of Revelation. It will make the current Covid-19 pandemic seem like a ‘light-touch’ catastrophe.

To repeat: I am not a fundamentalist; I am an agnostic. I am simply using these Bible accounts as vivid, metaphorical forecasts of what is most likely to transpire in the next 100 years should we continue to despoil the Earth with our carbon-based economies.

We, humanity, have made such enormous moral / spiritual progress since the insanity of World War 2:  the United Nations, the International Court of Justice, and the European Union being clear examples of this heroic endeavour to come together as one. Similarly, we see extensive collective responsibility in the redistribution of resources within wealthier countries through a system of taxation which pays for such ‘universal’ benefits as health care, old age pensions, social security and education.

We do not deserve to fail just because we were not quite quick enough off the mark in adapting our economies to a sustainable energy source, a source by which economic development would no longer be inexorably driving us towards the cliff edge.

We really do not have the time to continue chasing after the chimeras which so preoccupy today’s theoretical physicists.

August 21st, 2020

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