New Age Physics

A reinterpretation of reality which perceives of interconnected energy, rather than disconnected matter. The Standard Model is now extinct!

(Painting by Moochi)

The sound of music

As there are only really two forces acting in the universe beyond the confines of the atom, those being the electromagnetic force and the kinetic energy created by Time, it stands to reason that all things can by and large be boiled down to an interaction between these two forces, and this includes music. So…

Conservation of angular momentum

Absolute-Time travels in straight lines in all directions through hyper-space as the membrane, within which our universe of 3 spatial dimensions resides, expands outwards from the Big Bang. This is why we experience a force when we change direction. And this may well be the reason for the universal conservation of angular momentum, i.e. to…

Can you feel Time?

Yes, you most certainly can feel Time because Time is kinetic energy. This becomes very apparent when not ‘at rest’, i.e. when subject to a force other than just the forward movement of Time. Owing to the curvature of space created by the Earth’s mass, all human beings experience the ‘force’ of gravity, that being…

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