The educational philosophy of New Age Physics

What we need is an education system for the 21st century; what we have is a bad hangover from the Victorian era. The political elite cannot let go of the past!

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Fundamental to the philosophy of New Age Physics is the belief that we (humanity) need to develop a whole new approach to education. Everything we teach should be put into context, i.e. how it relates to the mystery of our collective human, and personal, experience of being alive within a universe of apparent 3D space which is expanding in all directions at the speed of time: 

Who are we?

Where are we?

What are we?

Education should excite the mind, not dull it, and should enable the formation of a personal philosophy which strengthens an individual’s ability to cope with the fact that he / she has been thrust into a wonderfully mysterious condition of self-conscious awareness without ever having been gifted by the universe a definitive clarification of purpose. However, too often the traditional school curriculum seems designed to make all areas of knowledge as dull and as abstracted as possible from any possible semblance of meaningfulness:

Pupil: (Disgruntled) Oi sir, why are we ‘avin’ to learn all this? It’s borin’!

Teacher: (Exhausted) I’ve told you before – it’s on the exam!!! 

Education should seek to inculcate a sense of wonder, and then educate to strengthen that sense of wonder. This would be an education system worthy of all – rather than one which is only accessible to those children fortunate to have parents who provide a rationale for state education in the sense that, ‘Do well in school and you’ll get a better job!’

True intellect is a combination of imagination and logic guided by meaningful knowledge, for example, Einstein’s thought experiments. Educators should seek to promote the link between conscious awareness, i.e. the part of the mind which asks the questions ‘How?’ or ‘Why?’, and the subconscious part of the mind which can provide powerful and original insights within an attuned psyche. Lateral thinking is essential to the formation of unique thought, i.e. ideas which truly belongs to the individual as opposed to ideas which have been imposed upon an individual who has no sense of the relevance of those ideas.

Education systems which are primarily based on manufacturing effective producers and consumers are spiritually oppressive, and boredom is the default coping strategy for ‘reluctant learners’ too traumatised to cope with the perpetual bewilderment, and the consequent sense of failure, which arises out of this largely meaningless experience. Our students rarely ask the key questions ‘How?’ or ‘Why?’ They are simply too ‘switched off’ to care.

Is it any wonder that socio-economically deprived youth turns to a self-destructive counter-culture in order to find a sense of value or purpose?

Such education systems fuel crime, physical illness, mental illness and alienation. We are very possibly 50 years away from ecological disaster. If ever there was a time for change, especially in the light of Covid-19, NOW is the time. If we had had a better, more intuitive education system 50 years ago, we might well not be in this mess.

The philosophy behind New Age Physics recognises the ultimate requirement of any state education system to create an economically productive workforce, but believes that this should be achieved by actively engaging the intellectual creativity of its learners rather than by endlessly enforcing a barrage of disconnected, seemingly unrelated, factual information upon them.  

New Age Physics seeks to redress this situation by promoting an interpretation of reality which is entirely interconnected – connecting individual to individual, and connecting all to the universe – and, as such, reinterprets existence at its most fundamental level in terms of one unified energy field as opposed to so much disconnected matter.

In so doing, New Age Physics hopes to promote the preservation of the planet.

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