Two slit experiment quantum riddle finally resolved!

The Theory of Perceptual Reality:

Clearly the conviction that a veil separates the material realm from a non-material realm has long been fundamental to humanity’s attempt to make sense of its own existence and this, of course, is the cornerstone of all major religions.  However, this perspective has been incrementally undermined over the past two hundred years owing to the increasing philosophical pre-eminence of scientific methodology.

The Theory of Perceptual Reality, itself, is agnostic as it does not argue for the existence of God, but nor does it preclude the existence of God. It utilises logic in order to probe the limits of what is knowable and, based on the Quantum Conundrum,  reaches the conclusion that there is another level of reality beyond the physical plane, and that human consciousness (and sub-consciousness) survives physical death because it is not the creation of ‘perceptual reality’, but the creator.  

The theory proposes that ‘perceptual reality’ creates the ‘illusion’ of a material world and that behind this ‘veil’ lies a realm of pure energy – the unknowable ‘wave’. The theory proposes that ‘perceptual reality’ exists via the indivisible connectivity of humanity at a subconscious level, and by the limits placed upon human awareness in order to deny conscious access to this other dimension of what is presumed to be pure energy.


The central premise in the Theory of Perceptual Reality is derived through a process of inductive reasoning and proposes that the double slit experiment irrefutably exposes two levels of reality: subjective / perceptual reality and objective / unknowable reality. When ‘particles’ are detected passing through one of the slits, pin pricks of light appear on the photosensitive screen in the shape of two bands rather than the interference pattern which otherwise would have appeared. The only plausible explanation for this is that the perceived reality has been altered by the detection. In effect, there is no wave collapse. The wave remains fully intact, but in the unaffected objective reality, where it has always been, and where it is totally undetectable.  But because a particle has been detected / perceived as having passed through a slit, the subjective reality that we inhabit instantly registers the effect of particles rather than the wave-associated interference pattern which appears when the detector is switched off.

However, just because all of what we experience is a perceived reality and not an objective reality, it is still in every possible respect a reality. The only difference is that because of the double slit experiment, we now know that there is also an objective reality beyond.


  1. The theory argues that ‘perceptual reality’ creates the impression that ‘physical reality’ is an absolute reality.
  2. However, this physical reality only exists because it is being perceived. Therefore, every person’s reality is a separate reality, but with such a high degree of commonality that we can largely agree that we do inhabit the same universe. 
  3. This would imply a collective human consciousness (and sub-consciousness), an idea previously proposed by Jung. This would also explain why we have the capacity to share information with each other through language and other means, a phenomenon generally taken for granted.
  4. A fundamental aspect of the human subconscious commonality of perception, as revealed by the double slit experiment, is that as long as at least one person has a ‘true’ (wholly accurate) awareness that a detection is being made at slit level prior to the appearance of the electron pattern on the photosensitive screen, then the perceived outcome of the event will thus have been determined for every other human being thereafter, i.e. the electrons will form a particle pattern for all to observe.

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Published by T.J. Newton

I am a university college lecturer and a published author who takes great delight in speculating about the nature of reality through the use of logic and imagination, i.e. thought experiments. I find it very difficult to accept some of the more lurid concepts in modern physics, e.g. the dysfunctional particle zoo at the heart of the Standard Model of the atom. Similarly, I remain unimpressed by the current definitions of dark energy and dark matter, neither of which have been identified. Furthermore, I also believe that the notion of a 'strong' and 'weak' nuclear force are entirely misleading. Personally, I consider all of the above elusive particles and mysterious forces to be more aligned to science fiction than science fact. Therefore, I have created this website in order to offer a more rational, simplified and connected vision of our universe. All of my theories are logically consistent, and all questions about the nature of the universe are resolved - apart from the biggest question of all. Why does anything exist in the first place?

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