Is gravity really deceleration, rather than acceleration?

According to Einstein’s equivalence principle: “we … assume the complete physical equivalence of a gravitational field and a corresponding acceleration of the reference system. That is, being on the surface of the Earth is equivalent to being inside a spaceship (far from any sources of gravity) that is being accelerated by its engines.” Therefore, theContinue reading “Is gravity really deceleration, rather than acceleration?”

Time in the subatomic world?

If Time begins at some point beyond the confines of the atom – i.e. time does not exist within the subatomic realm – then this might explain such mysteries as entanglement, wave-particle duality and quantum jumps. It would explain why a ‘particle’ can appear simultaneously to exist in two different locations until a measurement hasContinue reading “Time in the subatomic world?”

A most beautiful symmetry

Mass is the product of the atomically external compressing nature of gravity upon the atomically internal resistance of gravity, between which is encapsulated bound electromagnetic energy. Weight is the result of the gravitational squeeze of one lump of matter against another. This interplay between gravity and electromagnetism is the Unified Field which enables the manifestation of a physical universeContinue reading “A most beautiful symmetry”

Two slit experiment quantum riddle finally resolved!

The Theory of Perceptual Reality: Clearly the conviction that a veil separates the material realm from a non-material realm has long been fundamental to humanity’s attempt to make sense of its own existence and this, of course, is the cornerstone of all major religions.  However, this perspective has been incrementally undermined over the past twoContinue reading “Two slit experiment quantum riddle finally resolved!”

Entropy redefined

Entropy isn’t best described as a movement from an ordered system to a disordered one; however, it is best described as a universal progression from compacted ultra-high energy / ultra-intense heat at the very beginning of time, i.e. the Big Bang, to an ultimate end-of-time destiny of universally dispersed low energy which will be asContinue reading “Entropy redefined”

Is gravity itself the elusive dark matter?

This theory assumes an INNER and OUTER universe. What we currently term as ‘the universe’ is the Inner-verse, and it is contained within a boundary which is within the Outer-verse. Please note: in the following thought experiment, all the Einstein Field Equations at the heart of his General Theory of Relativity would equally apply. GravityContinue reading “Is gravity itself the elusive dark matter?”

The relationship between gravity and electromagnetism

When a magnet is used to excite the electrons in a stable element such as copper, electrical energy is created, i.e. an electromagnetic flow generally regarded as a flow of photons. Perhaps, the interaction between the internal resistant pressure and the external ‘squeezing’ pressure of gravity is responsible for re-charging of atoms once an electronContinue reading “The relationship between gravity and electromagnetism”

Did Einstein mistake the time?

NOTE: When reading this, it will help enormously if you constantly hold in mind that TIME has no depth.  Its ‘thickness’ is thinner than the tiniest unit of a second that you could ever devise. TIME is always NOW, and it is always moving out into hyper-space, i.e. the ‘Time Chamber’, at the speed ofContinue reading “Did Einstein mistake the time?”