Being at rest in the universe

Einstein’s Theories of General and Special Relativity assume that Time has a depth to it; this theory assumes that it doesn’t.


NOTE: When reading this, it will help enormously if you constantly hold in mind that TIME has no depth.  Its ‘thickness’ is slimmer than the most miniscule fraction of a second that you could ever devise. TIME is always NOW, and is a continual sweep forward through hyper-space (the ‘Time Chamber’). You can only exist in the NOW. You cannot exist even a fraction of a second behind or ahead of ABSOLUTE TIME. Such anomalies occur only in Relative-Time and are, ultimately, ‘very persistent illusions’.

 ABSOLUTE TIME is a hyper-space in which the ‘blue’ membrane, within which our universe resides, can expand (here referred to as the Time Chamber), and it has a past of approximately 13.8 billion years.  However, despite the time that has passed, you cannot travel back in TIME. You are forever ‘trapped’ in the ever-hurtling-forward moment of NOW.


Being at Rest means staying in one point on the ever-expanding 2D membrane of Absolute Time (the blue ring in the diagram above). In other words, the only force acting upon you is the progression of Absolute Time as the 2D membrane (in which the 4D space-time universe resides) expands at 186,000 miles per second away from the Origin of Time (the yellow dot in the diagram above), 13.8 billion years ago.

As you are being carried along by the flow of Absolute Time and not subject to any other force, you feel at rest. You do so because you are not subject to any conflict of energy as would, for example, be the case in an accelerating frame of reference such as a gravitational field.

Being on the surface of a planet means you are not at rest because you are being subjected to at least 2 additional forces, i.e. (1) the electromagnetic resistance you feel as (2) the kinetic energy of Absolute Time tries to push you through to the planet’s core.

In the above case, you would not be staying in one point on the ever-expanding 2D membrane of Absolute Time (the blue circle) because you would be in resistance to the expansion of this membrane. As Time flows ever outwards from the Origin of Time (the yellow dot), your point on the 2D membrane would continually shift owing to electromagnetic resistance you are experiencing. Your point on the Earth’s surface may not be changing, but your point on the membrane of Absolute Time would lag behind the flow of a point on the membrane which was truly at rest, thus creating a kind of ‘drag’ or ‘friction’, and so affecting your Relative Time, i.e. you experience less personal time.

A point at rest would be carried along on the surface of the expanding membrane a greater distance than yours would be as it would experience no resistance, and so would register Absolute Time. This point would remain at the very end of its vector (the white arrows in the diagram above which extends outwards from the Origin of Time ) whereas your point would be held back by the electromagnetic resistance and so have outwardly expanding vectors ‘scraping’ against it. However, once having blasted off from the planet’s surface, and far enough away in outer space to be free from the planet’s gravitational field, you could switch off your engines and gradually come to rest on a new point at the end of a neighbouring vector. Now your personal time would once more run at the same speed as Absolute Time. However, your personal clock would not be synchronised with Absolute Time.

In order for this to happen, you would need to have been born in outer space, outside of a gravitational field, and then, to catch up with your original point on the membrane from the time of your birth, you would have to exceed the Speed of Light. Clearly, an impossibility on all levels. Therefore, no individual’s clock is synchronsised with Absolute Time, even though we all exist on the 2D expanding sphere of Absolute Time. That is why we appear to live in Relative Time but, ultimately, this is an illusion.

It is the degree of your resistance to this expansion of the ‘balloon skin’ of the 2D membrane of Absolute Time (e.g. through acceleration) which determines your Relative Time. In Minkowski space-time, tau² = t² – x² – y² – z², the background coordinate of time (t) is best described as a clock at rest on the membrane. However, if you are not at rest on the membrane, then your personal clock will experience Relative Time. Although Relative Time clearly exists when in resistance to the expansion of the membrane, it does not diminish the fact that your Absolute Time is exactly the same as everybody else’s Absolute Time. This is because you, and everything else in the universe, reside on the membrane and, therefore, are exactly the same distance from the Origin of Time as everybody and everything else.

When at rest, i.e. not in resistance to the flow of Absolute Time (the ever-expanding membrane), and so remaining at exactly the same point on the membrane, you will only have one force operating upon you, the kinetic energy of Absolute Time, and so will feel at rest.

Galaxies which are not in interaction with other galaxies will all lie at rest on the membrane, and so are synchronised with Absolute Time. As the membrane expands, these galaxies are seeming carried away from each other, i.e. dark energy. However, within the galaxies themselves, RelativeTime will exist owing, for example, to such phenomena as gravitational fields created by stars, black holes, etc.

In a state of rest, the energy of a system will be e=mct, i.e. Energy = the Mass x the Speed of Light (the electromagnetic energy) x the Speed of Time (the kinetic energy), i.e. 186,000 miles per second x 186,000 miles per second.

This is a radical revision of Einstein’s e=mc² equation. However, it is mathematically equivalent.

And this revised equation makes more sense because the two major universal forces on the macroscale are electromagnetic energy and the kinetic energy of Absolute Time. You can allocate them as many different names as you like, and split them up into multiple forces, a hundred plus elements and innumerable compounds, but (outside of the intrinsic energy of life itself) this is all there is.

Just to add, in order to establish a base line for reality of the Speed of Time at 186,000 miles per second, I have had to create a ‘measured’ Speed of Light of 186,000 miles per second above the Speed of Time. This is why the energy of a system = the Mass x the Speed of Light x the Speed of Time, i.e. the Mass x 186,000 x 186,000 as opposed to c². So both the Speed of Light and the Speed of Time are universal constants.

For more on this, please see,is%20both%20Absolute%20and%20Relative.

Published by T.J. Newton

I am a university college lecturer and a published author who takes great delight in speculating about the nature of reality through the use of logic and imagination, i.e. thought experiments. I find it very difficult to accept some of the more lurid concepts in modern physics, e.g. the dysfunctional particle zoo at the heart of the Standard Model of the atom. Similarly, I remain unimpressed by the current definitions of dark energy and dark matter, neither of which have been identified. Furthermore, I also believe that the notion of a 'strong' and 'weak' nuclear force are entirely misleading. Personally, I consider all of the above elusive particles and mysterious forces to be more aligned to science fiction than science fact. Therefore, I have created this website in order to offer a more rational, simplified and connected vision of our universe. All of my theories are logically consistent, and all questions about the nature of the universe are resolved - apart from the biggest question of all. Why does anything exist in the first place?

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