Time in the subatomic world?

If Time begins at some point beyond the confines of the atom – i.e. time does not exist within the subatomic realm – then this might explain such mysteries as entanglement, wave-particle duality and quantum jumps.

It would explain why a ‘particle’ can appear simultaneously to exist in two different locations until a measurement has been made. The measurement exists within time and so creates a fixed point within time, i.e. our time. This fixed point is the particle. However, the true wave phenomenon which has been ‘measured’ does not exist within time and, therefore, whilst there may have been a collapse of the ‘wave function’ as far as we are concerned, the true wave nature of the phenomenon itself remains unaffected, and outside of time, i.e. our time. So an observation / detection simply captures a moment in which the timeless phenomenon has been detected within our time, i.e. we observe a particle – a miniscule, ‘frozen’, granular segment of the unknowable, timeless wave.

This would also explain why sending ‘one electron at a time’ through the double slit experiment still ultimately produces an interference pattern (if a detection at slit level is not being made, that is). This is because although we perceive electrons, the wave that we are unable to directly perceive exists outside of our time. So, in effect, it may appear to us that we are firing electrons through the slits one at a time, when in reality the entire wave has passed through at exactly the same time / no time, i.e. outside of our time. Thus, we might spend an hour firing through these electrons, but the wave has still passed simultaneously / timelessly through the two slits in its entirety.

This may be the reason why General Relativity cannot describe the quantum world, i.e. because G.R. deals with both Space, and Time?

Published by T.J. Newton

I am a university college lecturer and a published author who takes great delight in speculating about the nature of reality through the use of logic and imagination, i.e. thought experiments. I find it very difficult to accept some of the more lurid concepts in modern physics, e.g. the dysfunctional particle zoo at the heart of the Standard Model of the atom. Similarly, I remain unimpressed by the current definitions of dark energy and dark matter, neither of which have been identified. Furthermore, I also believe that the notion of a 'strong' and 'weak' nuclear force are entirely misleading. Personally, I consider all of the above elusive particles and mysterious forces to be more aligned to science fiction than science fact. Therefore, I have created this website in order to offer a more rational, simplified and connected vision of our universe. All of my theories are logically consistent, and all questions about the nature of the universe are resolved - apart from the biggest question of all. Why does anything exist in the first place?

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